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"Security before everything"

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In my first jobs I solved cybersecurity problems in a company that could have had problems of loss of information and what it entails to a loss of financial income.
Above all my main success is to come to this wonderful country like Switzerland and to be able to offer my help and to contribute my will to solve big problems that it suffers.


Meet our team. My name is Jordi Pignol, I have spent most of my life dedicated to private security, being more than just a job, but part of my being. In recent years with the growth of cybercrime and the awareness of these criminal acts that have proved to be more dangerous than they may appear, I felt the special need to do my bit to help society to alleviate this problem.
Pignol & Associates was born out of the need of the Swiss society to alleviate this evil of cybercrime, with the help of great professionals in IT, cybersecurity and intelligence who are in continuous contact and are part of the collective association in the field of security in Pignol & Associates.


From Pignol & Associates we offer cybersecurity audit services with academic certification, for any SMB. Training to employees for security awareness and consulting in possible incidents.

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